The Group operates 95 of its own vehicles, supplemented daily by as many as 200 additional subcontractors, who are managed by a dedicated, in-house team, all working from operating centres throughout the UK


The vehicle fleet is maintained to the highest standards and comprises mainly Scania and Volvo articulated trucks that are configured to meet the demands of the jobs to which they are allocated. Vehicles are replaced on a planned basis to ensure that the fleet remains capable of operating at maximum efficiency but at the same time complies with all current emission regulations.

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Euro 6 trucks are equipped with advanced exhaust after-treatment technologies such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

These technologies help to reduce harmful emissions by converting pollutants like nitrogen oxides and particulate matter into less harmful substances before they are released into the atmosphere, contributing to cleaner air and better public health.

They also typically have improved fuel efficiency and help to comply with stringent environmental regulations and represent a significant step forward in promoting cleaner and more sustainable transportation.


The conventional trailer fleet is made up of different trailer types, including TASCC and Non TASCC trailers, which are needed for the diversity of products that are carried by the Group.

The majority of conventional tipping trailers are plank-sided and can carry a variety of payloads including volumetric products where weight is not the key usage factor. The walking floor trailer fleet is configured to provide a variety of size of trailer and floor type in order to enable different commodities to be carried with ease.

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