Our History

The Group’s foundations can be traced to the original business of J & J Ward Ltd, founded 70 years ago by Jim and June Ward, parents of current Group board director Michael Ward who is proud to carry on his parents’ legacy.

From these foundations, through acquisition and organic growth, the Group now comprises four trading subsidiaries.

The Group companies are as follows :-

J&J Ward Ltd
D H Pearson Ltd
Hare Bulk Haulage Ltd
Horsley Bulk Transport Ltd

From J & J Ward Ltd’s humble beginnings, concentrating on the collection and delivery of largely agricultural products needed by or produced by Yorkshire Dales farmers, the Group has grown to become one of Britain’s leading carriers of an impressively wide range of dry bulk products.

The fleet of conventional tippers operated by the Group companies remains primarily focused on transporting a diverse array of agricultural products. However, the scope of goods transported has expanded significantly, encompassing a wide range such as Wheat, Salt, Fertiliser, Waste, Sand, Stone and many more products.

We have partnerships with a frontrunner of chemical manufacturing which entails the transportation of substantial quantities of salt and fertilisers. The Group’s selection for this task stems from its proven capability to meticulously plan and execute the intricate process of collecting and delivering goods, ensuring a first-class service delivery.

The Group has achieved remarkable flexibility, enabling it to adeptly manage a broad spectrum of diverse products. Furthermore, it demonstrates a willingness to invest capital in acquiring specialised equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers.

The Group remains steadfast in its commitment to fulfilling the service demands of all its customers. This dedication extends to the timely delivery of dry bulk products across Britain on a daily basis.

There has been a shift towards utilising walking floor trailers alongside our fleet of conventional tipper trailers for transporting specific dry bulk products, prompting substantial investment by the Group in this specialised equipment. This investment has swiftly boosted the number of walking floor trailers in the Group’s fleet. Notably, Suez and Biffa are esteemed clients who have entrusted the Group with multiple contracts transport various types of waste materials, using these walking floor trailers.

The Group continues to secure contracts from similarly prestigious clients, necessitating a significant capital commitment to further expand the walking floor fleet.

At all levels the paramount objective of the Group is to meet the service requirements of all our customers for whom the Group delivers dry bulk products throughout Britain, daily.


Group Head Office is situated at the headquarters in Patrick Brompton near Bedale in North Yorkshire.

The purpose-built centre provides the facilities to control all operations centrally by tracking vehicles and maintaining control through communication with drivers and customers at all times. Michael Ward and Paul Tolmie exercise control over all operations and customer relationships daily.

All subsidiary and Group accounting functions are based at Head Office.